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COVID-19 Reopening Information

Montgomery County officially moves to green phase and the reopening of businesses on Friday, June 26th. Now more than ever, the healing and rebalancing that Bowenwork offers is so important for our resilience and strengthening as we continue to move

Stopping Pain from Stopping You

As most people approach 40, staying active starts to become more difficult because of issues like joint problems and back pain. Instead of giving up demanding physical activities, we can maintain our youthful capacity by listening to and caring for

Learn Emotional Freedom Technique

If you are looking for a simple tool that you can use anytime to release anxiety and fear, promote physical healing, support a weight loss plan or achieve peak performance in any area, an EFT workshop is for you. EMOTIONAL

Community Trend Article

Did you see the Community Trend article on Yvonne and Bowenwork? If not, check it out here: Read Article ยป

Bowenwork: Gentle Healing Through the Autonomic Nervous System

At the urging of a friend, a carpenter who had experienced unrelenting shoulder pain for over two years decided to try Bowenwork for relief. During the Bowenwork session he laid on a massage table, but the experience was not like a massage or any other bodywork he’d experienced. The practitioner would apply gentle pressure to very specific points on his body and then leave the room for several minutes. The entire hour was a series of these moves on his back, legs and neck, each followed by a short waiting period. The carpenter felt very relaxed, but because the work was so subtle, he left with little expectation of change.

Does your group need a speaker?

Yvonne is available to talk about Bowenwork and/or EFT to your group or organization, whether it’s a book club gathering or a company wellness talk. Anything from 10 minutes or more. Contact Yvonne via email or call 215 206-5074 to

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Yvonne Fisher, LMT

headshot Yvonne Fisher is the owner and principal practitioner at Insight Body Therapies in Fort Washington, PA.

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