Reconnective Healing

This hands-off energy work brings light and information into the body allowing us to align to a higher vibration level. Like Reiki, Reconnective Healing is an infusion of life force energy that can be deeply healing and relaxing. Physical healing is the focus of a Reconnective Healing session, but rather than working on a particular issue, we upgrade your system as a whole, to create a connection between you and your healthy self.

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The Reconnection

This work need only be done once in a lifetime. The ultimate reboot, The Reconnection will help accelerate our life path and further our evolution. Reconnective Energy is used to connect us and our energetic template to the energy grid of the planet/universe and deepen our connection to the Source. The Reconnection will remind us of our purpose and help us get back on track if we’ve veered off-course.

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About the session

Both Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection are performed with the client fully clothed and laying on a massage table. There is no physical contact in either type of session.

A Reconnective Healing session will last about 30 minutes.

The Reconnection consists of two (2) sessions, about 45 minutes each, performed within three (3) days of one another, ideally on consecutive days.

If you must reschedule, please give 24 hours notice.

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Yvonne Fisher, LMT

headshot Yvonne Fisher is the owner and principal practitioner at Insight Body Therapies in Fort Washington, PA.

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