Bowenwork is a very gentle soft tissue therapy that triggers your body’s nervous system to rebalance and reset to a better level of function. You don’t need to have a problem to benefit from Bowenwork, but Bowen therapy can help with muscle pain and restriction, even from decades-old injuries.

The gentle touch of a Bowenwork session can produce deep relaxation and stimulate the body to release restriction in the muscle and fascia, resetting proper balance. Working from the inside, Bowenwork sets into motion a process of change that can continue for 3-10 days or more. Improvement from Bowenwork often outlasts the results of traditional massage or physical therapy.

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Distance Bowenwork now available

Bowenwork, being an energy-based soft tissue therapy, lends itself well to distance work, where the practitioner is not present at the same location as the client during the session. For a remote session, an intake consultation will be given via phone, email or FaceTime either the day before or day of the session. There, specific issues can be shared and a plan addressing those issues can be created. At the appointment time, the client reclines in a comfortable position at home and receives the work energetically.

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What to expect from your session

Every body is different, so response will be unique to each individual. Most clients feel a deep sense of relaxation. The session itself is just the beginning of the process. Bowenwork will be processing anywhere from 3-10 or more days, so be patient and don’t be worried if you feel worse before you feel better. That simply means change is taking place. Walking helps integrate the work.

Drink water and take a short walk each day to maximize the process.

If you like the session, consider booking another appointment to continue supporting your health and well being. Bowenwork is not a luxury, it is essential health care!


The initial Bowen session (1.5 hours) is $125, and individual follow up sessions (usually 1 hour) are $100 per session. A package of three sessions is available for $285, and a package of six sessions is available for $540. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Community Bowenwork sessions are also offered monthly for a sliding scale price of $30-60 per session. Due to Covid-19, Community Bowenwork nights have been discontinued until further notice.

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Before your session

Please fill out the new client intake form and either email it back to me or bring it with you to your session.

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Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing. Cotton knit is an ideal fabric to work through. No jeans, tightly woven or slippery fabrics.

Drink water! A well-hydrated body will get the most from a Bowenwork session.

Please be on time to the session. Allow up to an hour and a half for the initial intake session. Follow-up sessions will last from 45 minutes to an hour.

Please read the Client Instructions before the session.

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