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The Bowen Technique

“THANK YOU for yesterday’s session. I can’t believe how much better I felt afterward and today! Now I know how much I’ve missed Bowenwork, That left shoulder soreness is nearly gone and my sciatic pain much reduced. It’s like I can breathe again. Amazing.”

– M.J.C.

“After the first treatment, I took a walk and could feel the bones of my spine settling into place. I walked a short way multiple times during the first few days after treatment and each time, I felt more settling of spine, hips, and knees. I was alleviated of hip pain. My hip joint was swinging freely for the first time in 15 years. I look forward to more sessions.”

– D.I.

“I just wanted you to know that I feel great (after the Bowen session). I told a friend of mine in Vermont how wonderful it was. And I feel more balanced-it really is interesting how it works. Thank you. I will be  scheduling again!”


“Bowen therapy is a surprisingly effective healing modality. It’s ability to heal the body and mind are both amazing and surprising. During my last Bowen session, I experienced a release of a traumatic injury that had occurred years earlier. While I was lying on the table, my mind recalled an accident that had led to a broken arm and other injuries to the body. The experience of “re-living” this event and the accompanying body parts that were activated energetically in the middle of this session was unexpected. As the memory of this past event was recalled, corresponding tension, as well as the emotions that had been present during the accident, came to my awareness and were effortlessly released. The healing effect on my body that followed was very pleasant and wholesome. Bowenwork was the catalyst for this healing and I am most grateful for it.”


“I’ve been working with Yvonne since October 2015. I first found out about “Bowen Therapy” on a Parkinson’s website, and was hopeful that it would be beneficial in my battle against this disease. Over these 2+ years, I truly have benefited and experienced positive results from Bowenwork. A key factor has been my willingness to stay with it over the long term. I did not and still do not expect Bowen to be a cure for any part of my disease. But, I have absolutely experienced positive results! The work has provided both physical peace and mental well being. Most importantly, I’ve grown to be more in tune and confident in my body’s healing capability and responsiveness to the therapy. My positive results are directly linked to my long term commitment and my open-mindedness. Like any endeavor, it doesn’t always produce immediate results, but with time and effort you can have success!”


“I have experienced a numbness in the ball of my feet for over 4 years. At times it could be painful for the sheets to touch the tops of my toes when lying in bed. After eliminating the possibility of diabetes with my physician, the suggestion was to consult an orthopedist. I found that aerobic movement did seem to slightly decrease the symptoms of numbness when I was active, but the numbness in general remained unchanged . After just 1 Bowenwork session with Yvonne 90% of the numbness was gone in my right foot and in my left foot there was a significant difference in that there was less numbness. For the first time in years I am able to feel the ball of my feet. The numbness is almost gone and I am thrilled!”

– D.F.

“Yvonne, I wanted to thank you so much for the Bowenwork session we had last week. You worked on a shoulder issue I have had off and on for years. You corrected in one session what it has taken my Chiropractor months to resolve in the past. I must say, as a seasoned healer myself, having experienced many healing modalities, I am so impressed! I would highly recommend your work and hope to have the opportunity to refer people to you soon.”

“I developed allergies after I graduated from college. Every year they seemed to get a little worse and last longer. Fast forward 20 years and I am using 2 prescription medications daily that are supplemented with over the counter medications during the high pollen times. Each spring, I’d have fluid in my ears causing vertigo (not fun when you have a baby) that would require a triple dose of over the counter medication to dry them out. In the fall, the pressure in my sinus would cause pain in my face making my teeth ache and sore throat would settle in until the first frost. In winter 2012, I was suffering with a sore throat that I could not get rid of. . .I was using a nettie pot twice a day and gargling with salt water just to get some relief and while they did help, the underlying irritation from my sinuses draining on to my throat was painful. During my Bowen session that winter, Yvonne focused on my sinuses and within a couple of days the sore throat was gone. When I saw her in the spring of 2013 I was experiencing some allergy symptoms (minimal compared to previous years) and there was no fluid in my ears. After focusing on my sinuses that visit, I enjoyed June instead of spending each day pushing through an allergy fog.”

– M.C.

“Just to let you know the sinus procedure is amazing! I don’t know how, but I have never been able to breath effortlessly through my nose until today. My entire life I’ve always wondered how people do that and now I know. Simply amazing.”

– M.R.

“As a homeopathic practitioner, I find that Bowenwork is a true complementary modality and have referred several clients to Yvonne–every one of whom has had a fantastic experience, including myself and my children.” Thanks Yvonne!

– D.S.

For over 2 weeks before the Bowenwork session I was having heavy and tired legs when running, something I had never experienced for so long in my 9 years of running. After the Bowenwork session I could feel a difference in my legs, and the run the next day I felt like I had brand new legs. I still continue to feel a whole lot better running than previous to the session. I would definitely recommend Bowenwork to a teammate or friend.

– K.B.

During a trip to the beach with my family, I got knocked down by a very large and powerful wave. I hit my head on the ocean floor, and subsequently strained my neck and shoulder muscles. After getting pushed to shore I felt very dizzy and my vision was spotty, similar to concussion symptoms. My head ached badly, along with my neck and shoulders. Before my session with Yvonne I had never received any Bowenwork therapy, and was therefore a little confused and skeptical as to what the therapy would actually do for my pain. After one session, my neck and shoulder pain was gone! I could instantly feel my muscles relax and reset themselves when Yvonne targeted specific areas around my neck, as well as throughout my whole body. My experience with Bowenwork was very positive, and I would recommend it to anyone who has muscle aches and pains like I did.

– A.P.

I started Bowenwork about 3 weeks ago and the results have been great. I have been getting irregular periods for the past 6 years, with an average of 3-4 periods per year. After only 3 Bowenwork sessions, I received my second period just within two months! I feel as though my body is becoming balanced once again. I am excited to see the results future sessions will bring as I continue to work with Yvonne.

– M.Y.

Although I came in to have a stiff neck addressed, an unrelated numbness in my finger is gone. 34 years ago, when I was a child, I broke my arm very severely. Ever since that day, one finger on that hand had substantial numbness. After only three Bowenwork treatments from Yvonne, all feeling has returned to that finger. It is absolutely amazing.

– T.M.

I started Bowenwork because of pain in my upper back, neck and shoulder from lifting heavy boxes. I’d lived with the pain for over a month without any improvement but noticed a difference right after the first session. It took 4 sessions to maintain a pain free week, while my body grew strong enough to support the changes. I’ve been completely pain free in that area since my sixth session! The Bowenwork sessions are relaxing and enjoyable, and since I’ve also seen improvement in other areas, I plan to continue Bowenwork as one part of my overall health plan.

– S. H.

I’m walking around today, hardly cognizant of having any foot pain! My feet feel so much better, I can scarcely believe it. After being in pain for six months, I am able to move around without having to baby my feet!

– N.A.

For such a subtle therapy, my body certainly had a clear response. A few days after a Bowen session, my back – which had hurt for two weeks – was pain free.

– J.H.

I have been very happy with my decision to see Yvonne about my persistent TMJ symptoms. You know I can’t quite believe 3x Bowen would have done that, but I have not had any TMJ symptoms at all since.

– C.S.

Emotional Freedom Technique

I have been working with Yvonne for over 10 years using EFT. After many years of traditional talking therapy, I have found EFT to work in a new and refreshing way. Yvonne’s expertise with this method has helped me to respond much more calmly to many issues in my life. I have found this method to be very useful in reducing anxiety and helpful in looking at life struggles from a different perspective. I can’t say enough about Yvonne’s insight and her perceptive listening skills. We have had in person as well as remote sessions. Both have been equally worthwhile. I would definitely recommend Yvonne and EFT to help restore emotional health and give you a sense of self understanding and balance in your life. I have learned many coping skills and strategies as Yvonne and I have worked together. I admit that I was a little skeptical at first about trying this nontraditional therapy but I am so glad that I did. Yvonne is wonderful and EFT really does work!!

– C.L.

Thanks for getting rid of the migraine yesterday! I am so excited that I am changing for the better.

– A.F., Philadelphia

The six month EFT therapy that I experienced with Yvonne was profound and extremely healing. As a clinically trained psychologist, I was amazed by the power of this relatively unknown therapeutic technique. Yvonne is exceptionally skilled as a therapist – warm, empathic, professional, and very intuitive. This work has dramatically impacted my life – both personally and professionally. I strongly recommend Yvonne to anyone who might be “on the fence” about EFT – just try it. You won’t be sorry.


Over 6 weeks ago we talked about teaching I (age 13) to tap to work on the bite/swallowing problem. The first few days I tapped with her so she could get the routine, then she took it over on her own (once in the morning and once at night.) Well, it is working! It was so good for her to see a change like that, brought about entirely from her own work with support from loving adults around her. The situation had pretty much come to a standstill for 6-8 months, and now things are moving. Plus, I’s orthodontist is really studying and using EFT for herself and I’m sure eventually other patients as well.

– B.T.

After one session, I was completely not attached to what a week ago had me full of so much anxiety. I was amazed at how easily this worked, and that one can learn to do this for oneself. Yvonne’s insight and skill in this therapy I would highly recommend.

– C.O.

I was dealing with back pain issues and digestive problems when I saw Yvonne. Bowenwork and EFT tremendously helped me to move through, and beyond “some stuff” that has been stuck for many years. Our bodies hold on to, and our thoughts create so much that we are completely unconscious of.

– K.S.

My whole life I have had a intense fear of needles. My anxiety would climb so high when I would have to have blood drawn, or get some kind of shot, that I would sometimes faint. When I found out that I was pregnant, I knew that I had to finally do something to address my fears. I had never tried EFT before, but I decided to trust in the process. I went to Yvonne for only two sessions. It was really an amazing experience. In the process of tapping old memories of traumatic experiences came up and I went through the feelings all over again, but they were quickly released by the EFT! Very quickly I felt the fear, sadness and helplessness transformed into a feeling of relaxation and peace. I felt so good afterwords!

Finally, the day came that I had to go into my doctor’s for a big round of blood tests. I had to have blood drawn three times over several hours. I honestly was skeptical that the EFT had helped me enough to handle the experience. I did as Yvonne instructed and tapped all the way to the appointment and in the waiting room. I noticed that my anxiety was not near as much as it normally would be, and I even had to stop tapping at one point in the waiting room because I was getting so relaxed that I was falling asleep! When it came time to do the test, I actually tapped while they inserted the needle. Again, my anxiety was greatly reduced. By the second and third time they drew blood, I wasn’t even using the tapping. I am so grateful and relieved to finally be free of the fear of needles. I no longer feel I have to put off seeing a doctor or dentist now and I feel accomplished to have overcome something so deep inside me with so little effort really!

– M.P.

The Reconnection

I had my reconnection with you last month and my life has completely changed. My relationships are improving and I discovered my purpose, an amazing mentor and I’m well on my way to starting my business. Thank you 🙂

– GS

I had the pleasure of having Yvonne Fisher perform my “Reconnection” and it was truly a wonderful experience! The first part was very relaxing and I felt a true sense of inner peace and felt subtle energy moving through my body. When I left her office that first day the sun was shining and I paused to drink it in. I felt a new and stronger connection with our planet and all life here.

I returned for the second part and had a similar but more powerful session. This time I felt as if I was having an out of body experience at times. There were kaleidoscope like colors and patterns. Upon leaving I noticed that we were blessed with another sunny day. I felt that same planetary connection and knew that I was on the right path and great things were ahead. I recommend Yvonne to anyone being called to this type of work.


Thank you for all the things that came my way since my Reconnection. My practice is booming and I am having a constant flow of clients which I think I can thank the Reconnection for.

– B.L.

I feel better than I have for a long time. The changes are hard to explain because I didn’t notice them at first but when I look back I think, “wow.” Like being at the right place at the right time. Things just seem to flow more smoothly.

– K.R.

Thank you for introducing me to Reconnective Healing and Reconnecting me. I can hardly begin to describe the subtle, yet strong, inner changes that are still occurring in my life. So much that was unnecessary is just falling away. I have inner clarity, sharpened intuition, and a sense of being grounded and secure. – R.H.

I took a leap of faith this past year and had The Reconnection done. I would not have believed how much it has changed my life. So much so that I gifted my daughter The Reconnection. She also had an amazing response and many have noticed the difference in her. I heartily recommend The Reconnection to everyone! – L.F.

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