COVID-19 Reopening Information

Montgomery County officially moves to green phase and the reopening of businesses on Friday, June 26th.

Now more than ever, the healing and rebalancing that Bowenwork offers is so important for our resilience and strengthening as we continue to move through the course of the pandemic. Bowenwork can offer our bodies a break — a moment to pull out of fight or flight and find a place of safety and relaxation that opens the door to our innate healing intelligence.

Each person will have to make their own decision as to whether they feel comfortable enough to have a hands-on therapy session. Luckily, the way Bowenwork is practiced is about as socially distanced as bodywork can be. The structure of the minimal input, with a wait time for processing, allows for maximum therapeutic value with a minimum of extended close contact with the practitioner. The following is a listing of all the ways that I will be working to ensure the greatest possible safety and precaution as we get back to work:

  • Each client will be asked to wash her or his hands upon arrival. Hand sanitizer will be available in the office as well.
  • I will check temperature and blood oxygen saturation level on myself and each client.
  • Each client will be required to wear a mask, with gloves optional. I will be masked and gloved in fresh PPE for each client.
  • Fresh, clean linens will be used for each client.
  • All surfaces will be sanitized between clients. I will be allowing 2 hours between clients to accomplish this.
  • Client intake will be done prior to the session. We can do this via email, text or a phone call the day before or morning of the visit. A short form will also be filled out by the client at each session regarding COVID19 symptoms.
  • The 24 hour ahead cancellation policy is waived for the time being so that each client can reschedule even at the last minute if they feel off in any way.
  • Community Bowenwork night, as it has been practiced, will be suspended for the indefinite future, and I will work with those clients to find a time for them to come in individually.
  • Clients will be expected to inform me if they become symptomatic or test positive for COVID-19 within two weeks of their last appointment.

I hope that all my clients, current or former, find ways to make self-care and therapeutic maintenance part of their ongoing routine. Bowenwork is essential healthcare, and by having regular, consistent work we allow our bodies the space to rebalance and be better prepared for whatever life throws at us. A regular monthly or bi-monthly session can remind the body of it’s healing priorities and give us an edge to stay healthy and resilient.

In health and peace,


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Yvonne Fisher, LMT

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