Remote Bowenwork

Bowenwork, being an energy-based soft tissue therapy, lends itself well to remote work, where the practitioner is not present at the same location as the client during the session.

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For a remote session, an intake consultation will be given via phone, email or FaceTime either the day before or day of the session. There, specific issues can be shared and a plan addressing those issues can be created. At the appointment time, the client reclines in a comfortable position at home and receives the work energetically.

  • Remote Bowenwork is safe from COVID19 transmission
  • It can be done in real time, with practitioner sending and client receiving at the same time, or scheduled for delivery at a specific time-even while sleeping, or when called in by the client.
  • It can address injuries, sprains and strains sooner so that the body can reset and heal quicker.
  • It is perfect for out-of-area or -state clients, who don’t have access to a nearby practitioner.
  • It works well for immune-compromised clients, those undergoing cancer treatment, or those unable to travel to an office.
  • It is less expensive than an in-person session, and packages are available for even more savings.

Here’s what clients have to say about remote Bowenwork:

“The remote session was amazing.  I was under a lot of stress and my usual methods of relaxing weren’t working.  My back had a big crick in it and sitting and moving were getting more and more uncomfortable.  Before the session, I laid down for 15-minutes with no relaxing of the body.  Then the session started and I started feeling the sensations I associate with receiving Bowenwork in person.  Everything started to let go and within 1/2 hour I felt the crick in back let go and my body straightened out.  Then in the remainder of the session i just started feeling more energized again, so much so it was hard to wait for the end of the session.  I was rip roaring ready to go to tackle my “to do” list.  I felt incredibly better.”

– N.G.

“I have enjoyed Bowenwork for many years, and the ability to receive it remotely has been a wonderful option.  I have found that the remote work seems to go deeper for me.  I am finding a profound relaxation and emotional and physical release of long held patterns of stress and trauma~helping to correct the root cause of  my problems… all while being in my own home.  My knee and hips are feeling better. I love the remote sessions…maybe prefer them!!”

– T.H.

“Receiving a remote Bowenwork Session felt almost like receiving it in person.  Even though she wasn’t there directly working the tissues, I still felt the same sensations and felt my body relaxing as if she had been there in person.  My focus was on my tight neck and after the session it felt much better.”

– N.G. 

“I have received two remote Bowen sessions from Yvonne, and I am super surprised at how effective they were for me.  

The issues that I brought to my first session where lower back and shoulder pain.  In preparation for this session, I laid down and took a few deep relaxing breathes.  Almost immediately I felt a pocket of warmth in my lower back that spread through my body.  I felt my jaw relax and felt movement in my right leg.  When I sat up, I noticed right away that my back felt much, much better. What got me was that what I experienced from the remote session was very much like what I’d experience if I had an in-person session.  I was truly astonished!  

As we are getting used to a new way of life during the pandemic, I would highly recommend this to anyone who is experiencing pain but is not comfortable having an in-person session.”

– A.E.

“I’ve been receiving Bowen work for years and love the way my body and mind feel after a session. When Yvonne asked me to try the remote session, I was skeptical but willing. One of the areas that we chose to work on was my restless sleep. I have been dealing with anxiety and it leaves me with troubling sleep and nightmares. Three days after our first remote session, I had one of the best nights of sleep that I have had in a really long time. It was amazing and I actually had fun in my dream!!! To this day, which is now over a month after our first remote session, my sleep is still doing much better than before the remote sessions.”

– A.K.

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